Revolutionary Standards of Behavior and Young People (1924)

A sexual drive towards one’s class enemy, a morally repugnant, dishonest object is the same perversion as a sexual desire for a crocodile or orangutan.

Revolutionary Standards of Behavior and Young People (1924)

I. There should be no premature development of sexual life among the proletariat. This is the first commandment of the revolutionary working class.

We should start the health improvement of crippled sexual life with children, of course. Their organisms are still flexible, and healthy educational measures are thus easily performed. The sexual content of a modern person starts distorting in early childhood. This putrefactive process should be prevented at this age.

If you bind children with threats, bans, and punishments, tying them to draconian and absurd standards of adult interests—where else a child could turn but to his/her own body? The period of early autoeroticism starts, combined with early onanism, early sexual curiosity, sexual avarice, and early amorousness. All this premature sexual material, like a spider, steals all the wealth of good energy that otherwise, in more favorable conditions, could be spent on developing social, scientific, and labor activities of a child.

Given an opportunity to develop early, the sexual component steals from other areas of a child’s life, swelling out of proportion, and rudely hindering a person’s subsequent development even in his/her mature age.

It is necessary to fight this, and in our conditions, in the USSR, this fight is viable. The first task of the proletariat is to bar the children’s sexuality, and for this, all the class energy should be put into the best organization of the mass communist children’s movement, as well as into introducing this movement into all nooks and corners of the children’s school and family life.

II. The sexual continence before marriage is necessary. This is the second commandment of the revolutionary working class.

There are no scientific grounds to suggest that the sexual continence before the age of 20–22 might be in any way harmful. To refer to mass examples of a much earlier sexual awakening would be just as persuasive as mentioning sexual acts between children of 8–10. Here, we deal with the early crippling of a human body; and we should fight this crippling incessantly, and mercilessly.

There is a complicated and subtle kinship between sexual energy and creativity. The unrealized sexual excitement can be directed at some additional arousal of the brain activity.

III. The sexual act should be only a finale for a deep sympathy for the object of one’s sexual love.

A purely physical sexual desire is inadmissible from the point of view of the revolutionary proletariat. A human is only different from other animals by the fact that all of his physiological functions are permeated with psychical, i.e. social content. A sexual drive towards one’s class enemy, a morally repugnant, dishonest object is the same perversion as a sexual desire for a crocodile or orangutan. Such sexual behavior, of course, parts ways with the revolutionary reasonability.

IV. A sexual act should not be frequent.

A sexual act should not only be a result of “pulling into.” The foreplay to it should consist of a more acute sense of the all-encompassing closeness, and a deep ideological and moral cohesion. Everything social, and class should go before everything animal. The presence of a social, moral, psychological prerequisite to a sexual act will bring valuable results. A sexual act will become significantly rarer; at one hand, it will increase its substantiveness, and on the other, it will save a lot of general chemistry, by funneling a major portion of the unspent energy to the creativity.

V. Do not change sexual partners frequently. Less sexual variety is crucial.

The sexual variety increases the sum of sexual needs, as it makes a sexual act with anew partner more pleasant for the first time, i.e. more attractive, thus demanding frequent repetitions. At the same time, it decreases the length of this new pleasure, demanding the replacement of one’s partner with new and newer partners. The more frequent a sexual act is the sooner one’s sexual partner becomes stale. The customarily stimulating and relaxing sexual adventurism is like a drug, and it has destroyed many a class fighter.

VI. The sexual selection should be built along the lines of the class reasonability of the revolutionary proletariat. There should be no elements of flirtation, courting, or coquetry in one’s amorous relations, neither any other methods of special sexual conquest.

The sexual life from the class point of view is the social, not personal function. This is why only social and class merits should attract and win in the sexual life, and not specific physiological sexual baiting. In the sexual life of the revolutionary class that saves the entire humankind from perishing, there are only the eugenical goals, i.e. the goals of the revolutionary communist health improvement of the humankind through its progeny.

A contemporary fighter should be different in his honed and precise intellectual apparatus, in his social flexibility and sensitiveness, in his class bravery and firmness, regardless of being a man or a woman. The feeble “femininity” is the result of woman’s thousand-years-old slavery, and it can only lead to procreating more material for coquetry and flirtation. The same applies to the “mustachioed,” “muscle-fisted” masculinity that befits a professional dockworker or a knight before they invented weapons, and not a resourceful and technically educated contemporary revolutionary.

Of course, the revolution is not at all against broad shoulders, but it ultimately wins not with them. Thus, a revolutionary sexual selection should not be based on them alone. And this selection does not need the feeble femininity at all. Economically and politically, i.e. physiologically, a woman of the contemporary proletariat should approximate a man more and more, and she does.

VII. No sexual perversions.

Any sexual perversion weakens the central sexual core, and it affects both the progeny’s quality, and the development of sexual relations between partners. Pervert’s sexual life is devoid of those creatively regulating elements that are characteristic of normal sexual relations. The class should put every effort into bringing a pervert back into the mainstream of normal sexual experience.

VIII. In the interest of the revolutionary reasonability, the class enjoys the right to interfere with the sexual life of its members. The sexual component should be subordinate to the class without interfering with anything the class does, serving it in any possible way.

The sexual life is no longer “a private matter of an individual,” and it turns into a sphere of the social and class organization. Any attempts at severe sexual normalization now, of course, would lead to tragic absurdities, complicated confusion, and conflict. However, there are some general introductory milestones for the class adjustment of the sexual issue, and developing a new sexual mainstream direction.

Organizing the class opinion by a responsive comradely advise, and guiding it in a needed direction, the class can provide basic impetus even now, in arranging sexual selection, saving sexual energy, socializing the sexuality, ennobling, and eugenizing it.

The more the clearer is the way through this issue, the firmer and more detailed are the class demands to the sexual behavior of its members. Being defines consciousness. The sexual should be governed by the class’s regulating influence in its totality.