The Screenocracy

The Russian Orthodox priest Andrey Gorbunov explains why the TV is the satanic machine for ruling human souls that turns children into sharp-toothed monsters.

The Screenocracy

According to the Apocalypse, in the last times, the people will worship the icon (“the image”) of the beast that will be “given life,” and thus, it will speak, and “cause” (see Apoc., 13:14-15). For many attentive Christians, it is evident today that the Holy Scripture speaks about the modern global idol named “The Screen.” The Biblical image of the speaking and acting icon of the beast points at the television, video, and computer appliances, and, speaking broadly, at all contemporary mass media, as well as such phenomena as the overall computerization, and “virtualization” of life.

The Screen is the idol for many people who have banished God from their lives. The politologist A. Novikov called The Screen “the dragon,” that is the beast, the monster. He asks:

Will the TV become the new religion, the new ideology, the dragon of the future? The things we see now are only the scales of this dragon to come. We play with them merrily, riding the computer rollercoaster of virtual reality, without realizing the actual size of this monster, without seeing its face, and without knowing its purpose.

The Screen is the entire system of the global influence on human souls. What does this system bring?

1. It changes in the value system. The living human communication is being replaced with the information communication via The Screen.

2. By means of optical effects, The Screen transforms the traditional picture into the different, “virtual” reality, plunging the man into the altered mind states. One can say, the man is “screened” from the real life.

3. The Screen is the weapon for introducing the ideology of Antichrist’s “new world order” into the human mind.

The word “icon” means “sign, image, and picture.” The Screen is a living image, a moving picture implemented with the sound so it “speaks.”

In bright colors, and alluring images, The Screen reflects and represents “whole world” to viewers, that, as the apostle said, “lieth in wickedness” (1 John, 5:19), as well as the false world of demonic dreaming.

On the daily basis, the images flickering on The Screen carry out the real bombardment of the human mind. These images, of course, are backed by invisible diabolical ideas that corrupt the viewers’ consciousness.

Now, when we deal not only with the TV screen but with the video and computer screen as well, we should introduce the new term into our usage, “the screenocracy.” It hides the Masonocracy, and still deeper, there is the demonocracy that is cunningly called the democracy.

The Screen is the greatest instrument of mass persuasion, the means of directing human views where the ministers of evil need them. It is also the most powerful means to spread the degenerative “mass culture.” From the spiritual point of view, The Screen is the diabolical machine to rule human souls.

The Screen is not only the instrument to control the human consciousness; it is the weapon of empowering Antichrist. It is quite evident today that The Screen is not only the informant, and the source for building the picture of the world for the modern man but, even more so, it is its engineer who aggressively programs his outlook, and behavior, creating “the new morals,” and the system of values.

Paisius, the Elder of Athos, said:

Television is the demon. Television did much harm to people. It is especially damaging to small children. Once, a seven-year-old boy came to me with his father. I saw that the television demon spoke through his mouth, as demons speak through the people they possess. It was like a newborn baby with sharp teeth. You do not see normal children too often now, for the children have turned into monsters.

Along with the TV screen, another powerful means to rule the people, and another weapon of their spiritual murder, of course, is the computer screen. This is what the well-known church author Mikhail Khodanov says,

Technical convenience provided by computers relaxes people incredibly fast, and magically bewitch them. The people turn into functional appendices to “smart” appliances, and they forget how to think creatively, and independently. In the present crisis of morality, when sin triumphs everywhere, the computer can undoubtedly be used to demolish the traditional Christian morality.

The Screen depersonalizes people, engrafts the alienation in them, and atomizes the human society. This beastly icon destroys an evening conversation, estranges people who live under the same roof, and entombs each of them in their own private towers. In those rare hours when a modern family gathers at home, people speak very little with each other, preferring to stick their noses to their television set that can be justifiably called the electronic murderer of the family.

The living, personal communication is replaced with illusory dreamy ghosts, and shadows of The Screen. The loss of feeling for a living person leads to the loss of love to him, and the loss of compassion. The Screen devastates the soul filling it with the alienation. A person’s communicative skills worsen dramatically, or are completely lost. Then, this person becomes a TV robot.

The present-day TV environment built on anti-spiritual, anti-Christian principles, has been recently becoming a more and more powerful factor of turning human into beasts. The organizers of “the new world order” had their goal set, “not to let the nations receive reliable information but to make them feverishly advance in their spiritual descent to beastly state… until they reach the complete stupefaction, and degradation, especially the young people.”

The guidance of masses in order to create the impersonal “society” is carried out principally through the mass media, advertising, and music. Visual and aural images, both conscious and subconscious, bombard the man schooling him for violence, lechery, and magic rituals, those three harbingers of the New Age.

The electronic mass media spreads the sins, like wars, the cult of violence and cruelty, the killing of antenatal babies, sorcery of all kinds, the cult of moral licentiousness, and permissiveness, sodomite sins, and other perversions.

Everything stated above regarding the tremendous destructive force of The Screen cannot but lead a truly spiritual man to the conclusion that this diabolical weapon should never be tolerated indifferently.