Ivans vs. Khachiks

Russia as Usual.

Ivans vs. Khachiks

Ethnic disturbances in Moscow are the natural step in the formation of the Russian statehood in the era of Russian Orthodox computers. It could not have been any other way. The stimulation national feelings and historical pride of the Russian Federation’s white population, round-the-clock TV war dramas set in the Caucasus, Tajik jokes in popular TV shows, the leader cult that is almost a caricature, and the massive Christianization of the populace on the backdrop of the law enforcement’s cancer, all these inevitably lead to some specific social catharsis. Represented by a rabid Fascizoid philistine.

Pogroms and the reaction to them hint at the decisive moment in the contemporary Russian history. The 1990s were the era of the understandable denial of the entire socialist dimension, and the pogroms of today reveal the right-wing antipode of the soviet internationalism. In order to complete the new empire’s project as edited by Putin, they should impel Russia to be reborn in a mono-cultural body. This will be the final stroke in the forming image of hell the federal authorities apparently liked very much when they saw those wide-scale forest fires in summer 2010.

It is well known that the national self-identification forces to identify “your own” through identifying “aliens.” This is why every outside discussion of the Russian organism’s democratization, every international criticism of Russia, in one way or another contribute to the Russian national project, only allowing internal discussions of the outside Masonic intrigues to multiply within the Russian perimeter. The Russian biological mass considers the external assessment of Russia only in terms of geopolitical conspirology, believing that “they” “over there” are completely unable to understand “us” “in here.” This is the result of the information and physical isolation for the overwhelming majority of the Russian population.


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The ethnic disturbances situation is a special moment. Despite all Kremlin’s racial aspirations, Russia is still the multi-cultural state, so before any “united,” “powerful” or “immortal” Russia emerges, its national body will have to cleanse itself the way the Germans attempted some time ago. The roots, however, go deeper than any present-day politics; they extend further into the ancient historical conflict between two obscurantist outlooks, Islam and Christianity. Today’s events in Russia are the manifestation of the imperative to launch an internal crusade.

The system looks with its brutalized eyes within itself, and it does not understand what it should do. Cops cannot really attack Nazis because the system cannot fight itself. They cannot attack Caucasians because it is aesthetically unappealing at this stage yet, and they have to think twice about what might be ticking in their pockets for everyone know those Moslem traditions of the blissful kamikazes by now.

One way or another, violence might escalate for both sides have accumulated their grudges; to explain that really there is only one side, and there is no sense in dissecting one body, is too late. There seems to be few alternatives for the Russian Nazism at this point, and the most tangible one is probably the active incest of Russian women with the Chechen people. Nothing seems to be able to stop the internal consensus of the present Russian political system apart from this genetic inbreeding. The consensus that erects the New Russian Fatherland with all subsequent Yevsyukov’s oprichnina.




At the same time, the Slavic cyberspace reflects on the events in the epochal poetic tapestries made with horror and bile. I believe they broadcast this atmosphere better than any analytics could. I quote the banned anonymous post from the depth of 2ch:

I want the pigs to cordon Moscow, and start kicking the gooks without letting them gather. I want the gooks to get really mad. I want Kadyrov to come in his golden three-story limo, and tell the pigs, Fuck you. I want the pigs to go and fuck themselves. I want many gooks to gather around the European [Mall], and fucking tear everyone on their way. I want someone to throw a liquid fire bottle at them. I want the gooks to get furious, and to rush at the riot cops, and special units, turning and burning their buses, raping their female pigs, and their German sheep dogs in their eye sockets. I want the soccer fans enraged by the news to gather in a different spot, near the Bogdan Khmelnitsky Bridge, and I want them to hang a number of gooks from the bridge railings. I want the gooks to see this, and run to them. I want them to start fighting for the bridge falling from it in bloodied heaps of flesh. I want the ice on the river to break under the weight of their dead bodies. I want the planarians still crazed from summer heat and smoke to jump out of the water, and gorge on the corpses. I want them to fill the entire Moskva River with their fattened bodies. Then I want the flood to start. I want the panic-stricken Tajiks to run from their flooded basement with their Tajik babes in arms, their water-heaters made of razor blades, with their burning brooms, and I want them to start setting passers-by on fire. I want the burning city pigeons to bring their fire to the Ostankino TV tower. I want Khodorkovsky to break away from his courtroom, and I want him, accompanied by Shenderovich and Kasparov, to climb the tallest Kremlin tower, and to start throwing thousands of mittens made by him into the chaos below. And I want the soccer fans to go on fighting the gooks, and I want the gooks to go on fighting with each other, and I want the pigs to fucking pound on them all, and I want the Taman Division to come, and to fucking pound on the pigs, ‘cause the Taman Division doesn’t give a shit who to fucking pound on ‘cause they’re fucking hypnotized by the blizzard of mittens, and burning pigeons. And, finally, I want Putin to play his grand piano right in the middle of the street, loudly, and I want Medvedev to stand by him, to take pictures of him, playing, and to upload his photos to Twitter. And I want all this fucking crap to be broadcast by all TV channels, like the 9/11. And I want all this fucking crap to go on and on and on, while Putin plays on.