The Great Love

An unforgettable fall day with comrade Kim Il-Sung.

The Great Love

This happened in early November 1973. I drove a tractor with a trailer loaded with rice sheaves, and I had the honor of meeting Our Beloved Leader, Comrade Kim Il-sung, on the road. I pined for him in my dreams.

Our Beloved Leader warmly shook my hand smeared with machine oil, and praised me by saying that a young girl like me works so hard. He inspected the engine, the cab, and the gearbox of my tractor, and gently asked how many sheaves are loaded on the trailer.

I told him, 700 kilos. Our Dear Leader inquired if 700 kilos could fit it, and if it would be possible to load a ton of rice sheaves on this trailer. He also asked how many tons I carry during the day.

I explained it to him, as I would tell my own father that I make 15 runs a day.

He noted that in 15 runs, I am making 10 tons and 500 kilos a day, and then he asked what my quitting hour was the day before.

I had been working as a tractor driver for only three months before that, so I said without hesitation that I worked until 12 at night.

Our Beloved Leader looked at me for a minute, and asked in his hoarse voice, “So, if you drove the tractor until 12, do your hands hurt now?” After that, he stroked my palm and hand, and rolled up the sleeve of my robe to feel for the thickness of my wrist.

Our Beloved Leader looked at me kindly, and ordered his drivers to pull their cars away. Then he asked me to drive my tractor.

However, to my greatest misery, the engine stalled. I did not have a starting magneto with me, and you cannot start an engine without it. That morning, I have left it in the repairs department, for the device was broken.

Our Dear Leader ordered one of his drivers to take my tractor in tow, and jumpstart it with the help of his sedan.

As soon as I was in my cab, and took the wheel, the sedan started pulling my tractor, and the engine started immediately.

I thought I was not driving my tractor but flying off into the fall skies saturated with glistening rays of sun, energized by the hot love of My Dear Leader.

Later, I learned that Our Beloved Leader said, watching my running tractor, “This young girl carries rice sheaves 15 times a day. This is praiseworthy, she works well.”

That day, Our Great Leader asked how many tractors one should have for every 100 chonbos of arable land in order to liberate women from hard labor. He said from the depth of his heart, “I will satisfy all your demands, and you should do everything to lift this burden from the peasants.”