Deviative Communications

Сan images of dead children’s genitalia change the world?

Deviative Communications

The consciousness is a kind of an architect who contrives his individual reality using his inborn or acquired ideas, and images. The primary nature of consciousness marks its value, and the main battlefield. However, if we decide to look for the flesh of those ideas, and images, this will be the information. The idea of cognitive struggle emerges where it is decisively comprehended that the consciousness is the reason, the information is the means, and the goal is to change the world. One of the ways to accomplish it is the informational guerrilla as the method of mind acupuncture.

A thinking ear is quickly enchanted by the monotonous rhythm of social mechanism yet it also deafened by it, deafened with the noise of swarming clouds consisting of self-destructive information. Whole lives often are spent in this dubious haze, and the death often finds us before we find ourselves.

The standardizing machine simplifies inner landscapes. Does then the social abduction take place every day when we are kidnapped into a normative life that is far from being real? Does the task of waking up seem attractive? This is the daily challenge of individuality. The symmetrical task is not to fall asleep. Therefore, what can serve as the informational caffeine?

Disturbing ideas and images are the thing; everything outstanding and stupendous; miracles, nightmares, and spectacles; oftentimes, something shocking, frequently prohibited, and biting; outrageous and ambivalent; everything magnetized with social tension; everything provoking discord, conflicts, and taboos; everything that makes your blood boil, and makes you uneasy. They are not the half bloods of shocking imperatives but rhizomes able to pinch you, waking you up. In deviant communications, in contact with acute information, there happens some sort of shaking a person frozen almost to death. Only then, an opportunity arises to start a dialogue with his heart that would not be dazed with public self-control anymore.

Where else should one seek natural sincerity but in the zone of blackness? That blackness consists of everything censured by the collective that pushes you towards conformity, and everything repressed by the society that had repeatedly discredited its own decorative righteousness. In this very blackness of ours, beyond all seeing and hearing, all “good” and “evil,” there are deep passions and forbidden wishes, sacred dreams and emotional impulses, there are all our beginnings, talents, and answers. This is why I believe that it is in these woods of disquiet, by means of a sobering kick in the groin, against all prejudice and fears, we should search for an intimate dialogue of minds, and for their awakening, and their evolutionary transformation.