Holy Whim

The Pope, сondoms, and the sabotage of thinking.

Holy Whim

The liberal political correctness demands treating religion properly, meaning, with all due respect. The secular society may be distanced from the Church as it likes but it won’t dare criticize it as such for religion touches some right human chords. To be tolerant is the right thing to do, even without respecting the freedom of religion; it is just polite in public.

This professed politeness towards religion somewhat reminds the stage of denial when a diagnosis is really bad. By closing its eyes to the religious phenomenon and to what it means, the secular society makes valid its status as “a sacral territory” thus only strengthening its political and social authority.

Taken out of the environment of personal, the natural human transcendental search is alienated by transnational corporations dealing in the things spiritual. At that, the religion’s manifestation as a threat is usually perceived as a common reaction of atheistic marginal individuals from scientific community, and as a part of routine humanitarian polemics around different points of view. The conclusion is usual here, logics for some, belief for others. The thousand-years-long tango of society and religion plays on, and the Church, like a capo, remains firmly included in the Norm.

The discussion has long abandoned the issue of the man’s origins, if he just appeared or was created. The fact that religion continues reveals the problem: in the common day-to-day life, there is no dialectical analysis to test its civilizing role.

With the annual two million-strong HIV/AIDS death toll, Benedictus PP. XVI claims that condoms do not protect from the virus but they stimulate its spreading. When this happens, the problem transcends the “routine humanitarian polemics.” This is not about different points of view or the freedom of religion, not anymore. This is about cognitive terrorism performed by meta-institutions with an indulgence regarding our peaceful population.

What the Pope said about it is just one of the sorry plentitude of the destructive religious thinking examples. The destruction spreads far wider than the Catholic tradition allows. It is rooted in the notion of religion itself, regardless of the creed, Christian, Moslem, Judaic or any other form of informational insanity.

In those millennia of its history, the humanity has become overgrown with memetic tumors that still remain incomprehensible and are a threat to the biological species. With the socio-economic crisis in full swirl, overlaid with overpopulation, and the global epidemiologic situation, the religious censure of rational means of biological protection—by a member of clergy with the Pope’s authority—is a de facto coercion of the biological species to commit a latent suicide.

When 300 Russian Orthodox Christians get themselves poisoned with “holy water” in Irkutsk, it is not an accident or a “slander,” as the Church claims, but it is the criminal sabotage of sanitary rules. While those professionally incapable priests pray to God and blame the Devil, for religion suggests a very convenient renunciation of personal responsibility as a matter of principle, the victims are being saved by very specific doctors who have very specific knowledge of E. Coli’s nature, and how to deal with it.

So, what is the real difference between those priests who offered their flock sips from a mug of infected “holy water,” and the American Jim Jones who persuaded 918 members of his Peoples Temple to drink the cyanide-and-valium cocktail thus committing the most massive suicide in history?

The figures of the Pope, Patriarch, Ayatollah, or any other religious leader are symmetrical to the political figures on the level of the North Korean General Secretary, Iranian President, or Byelorussian Dictator. All those are equally the agents of old world, and they have proven their destructive nature towards human life and individuality repeatedly and practically.

For thousands of years, our civilization have been refusing to discern a very specific and obvious source of every war in itself, the cause for Islamic kamikaze kids, and raped Christian minors. This is the conveyor belt for production of repressed libido, testosterone, and, as a result, regress.

If you scratch the public piety, it turns out to be a form of an exhibitionistic act born out of the situation of insufficient education. However, this form is supported by many societies as a sign of moral quality, and it becomes a normative social ritual there. With this, those who prefer not to “believe” but to doubt and to learn are considered morally insolvent, and existentially castrated.

As soon as the humans’ intimate transcendental searches do not need any socialization or religious parasitism, it is high time to initiate an intelligent historical process of extracting religion out of the civilization’s body politic. As soon as any religion is a sort of sect, what is needed today is an open manifestation of critical opinion about it, convinced without pandering to it, without fears of disturbing its gentle deliria. The refusal to play along with all this feigned holiness, primitive beliefs, troglodyte rituals, and obviously untenable obscurantist rubbish is what is important now.