Androids, Tits, and Galaxies

Artist 04 recommends 8 sci-fi films.

Androids, Tits, and Galaxies

Lifeforce (1985)
Dir. Tobe Hooper  

An Earth expedition finds energy vampires in the deep space. As soon as one of the monsters is a beautiful naked woman, the astronauts decide to take the entire party of interstellar suckers on board.


Xtro (1982)
Dir. Harry Davenport
Extraterrestrials abducted Dad. Three years later, he came back as a different person. A toy soldier that has come to life sets everything straight with an old woman, and a babysitter starts laying watery eggs.


From beyond (1986)
Dir. Stuart Gordon
A mad doctor invented a gadget that allows plugging into an inactive organ in the human forehead, and materializing monsters from a parallel dimension.


Android  (1982)
Dir. Aaron Lipstadt
Dr. Daniel and his shy assistant Max assemble ideal androids in a cosmic station. Their orderly life is interrupted by an unexpected visit from fugitives.


Immortel (2004)
Dir. Enki Bilal

A pyramid of immortal gods hovers above three-level New York, an evil corporation abducts people for secret experimentation, and an inhuman killer lurks in the shadows.


Beast in space (1980)
Dir. Alfonso Brescia

On her way to a remote planet, the astronaut Sandra is haunted by visions of herself copulating with a terrible beast in some wild unearthly landscape.


Hardware (1990)
Dir. Richard Stanley
The female protagonist of the movie, the avant-gardist sculptor receives a pile of junk from the Closed Zone as a gift. In the scrap metal, she finds the head of the combat android MARK 13.


Silent running (1972)
Dir. Douglas Trumbull

In the space station, a dedicated scientist tries to preserve the last specimens of the Earth flora. The drones are played by amputees.