Silicone Bonbons

The patriarchal bio-hacking.

Silicone Bonbons

The intention to “hack” your biological system by stuffing yourself with new technological opportunities is the evolutionary motive, and the cognitive prelude to the practical bio-hacking. This means the rebellious intrusion into the body with the purpose of correcting its abilities. Yet, is any kind of intrusion an evolutionary thing? Here, a contradictory trickster emerges. The silicone breast.

On one hand, silicone implants are a trans-humane practice. This is the way an individual modifies his or her body stepping out of his or her basic parameters. On the other hand, would it be possible to speak about a motive for mutation in the name of evolution?

As an attractive sight, and an aesthetic/erotic fetish, silicone breast often can be traced back to porno-cultivated stereotypes. It is the patriarchal signal system, and such a breast is frequently associated with the old-screen simulation Eros. In some sense, it is a juicy promise of the advancing sexual mediocrity, and its apologetic compensation.

Silicone breast belongs to the symptomatics of the distant/decorative sex where the sex itself is essentially vagued up. We have only a symbolic exchange in which the source of pleasure is an erotic practice devoid of any content. This is only what it looks like in the illusory bubble of the alpha male’s value system. In this sense, silicone implants are no less a tragicomic toy than a Ferrari or a nuke bomb. All of them serve as social genitalia to semi-apes, to bang with on the old world’s dome.

The wooden stare of a silicone breast, similar to stares of fishes or woodpeckers, is a metaphor for a stiff or two cancer tumors. Silicone breast is the body part on pause, a coquettish cyst in time and space—that, as everything under the sun, does not exclude the dimension of wonderful but still is the concession to the past.


The Eucharist of patriarchy conflicts the evolution for it hypertrophies the gender rudiment forming a regressive chimera, a Woman+. All adequate alternatives are implanting silicone in the breasts of a (still) male, to the extent of discrediting the limits of gender as such, as in the example of Genesis P-Orridge; changing the breast location (from the front of the body to the back, arms or head); or the augmentation of breasts (to 5, 12, 25). All these will allow subordinating the initially patriarchal media of bio-hacking to the interests of individual mutants. Those patient ones who still oppose weightlifting or filling their breasts with rags should wait for the advent of nano-bots that would stimulate the body tonus.