The Dream Electrogram

The Viennese experimental post rock.

The Dream Electrogram

Martin Brandlmayr is one of the most active representatives of the new Viennese scene. A smallest particle of sound in his performances strives to turn into an independent object, a virtual sculpture. The abstract semitransparent beauty of geometric forms characterizes all Brandlmayr’s work.

Outside of his solo performances, Brandlmayr is the pivotal member of a number of musical collaborations. The most known of them, Radian, is the trio with the unique vision of post rock. It is a paradoxically alive embodiment of lifeless music, an electiricized anarchotecture of glass and steel filled with sterile and detached noise. Another project of his, Trapist, is the audiomapping of vacuum. Essentially, it is a rock trio (bass, guitar, and drums) reduced to one line only, the line of horizon. And, finally, there is Kapital Band 1, the Vienna-Berlin duo that combines acoustic and electronic molecules into micro rhythms.






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Laurie Lipton

Max Nemtsov

Stefan Nemeth - guitars, synthesizers
John Normann - bass
Martin Brandlmayr - drums, vibraphone

Martin Siewert - guitar
Joe Williamson - bass
Martin Brandlmayr - drums, vibraphone

Kapital Band 1:
Nicholas Bussmann – electroniс
Martin Brandlmayr - drums, vibraphone